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Слова песни Sore Eyes Aktivehate

  • Название песни: Sore Eyes
  • Исполнитель: Aktivehate
  • Слушали: 76
  • Опубликовано: 19 декабрь 2019
  • Категория: A / Aktivehate
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Aktivehate - Sore Eyes - клип и текст:

Sore eyes don’t see…

Undergo through patterns of pain,
Schemes of inherent destruction,
Fatal blindness inherited…

Depiction of a bleeding display,
Recollection of dismantled memories,
Eye to eye, no vision at all…

Sore eyes don’t see,
A ripped mind can’t think,
A cold heart can’t be…
Sore eyes don’t see!

What you can’t see
Is molesting your core,
Depriving you
From that inner sanctum of yours!

This morbid
blood soaked reality,
Can’t convey with the truthful
vision of yours!

Blind, eyeless, no sight at all,

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