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Слова песни Hollow Hills Bauhaus

  • Название песни: Hollow Hills
  • Исполнитель: Bauhaus
  • Слушали: 108
  • Опубликовано: 19 декабрь 2019
  • Категория: B / Bauhaus
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Bauhaus - Hollow Hills - клип и текст:

Ancient Earth work fort and barrow
Discreetly hide their secret abodes
The most fearful hide deep inside
And venture not there upon Yuletide

For invasion of their hollow hills
That music hold and Oberon fill
Is surely recommended not
For fear of death, in fear of rot

Hollow hills
Hollow hills
Hollow hills
Hollow hills

Baleful sounds and wild voices ignored
Ill luck disaster the one reward
Violated sanctity of supermen's hills
So sad, love lies there still
So sad
So sad
Hollow hills
Hollow hills
Witches too and goblin too and speckled sills
Lament repent oh mortal you
So sad
So sad

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