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Слова песни Bugs Ballout

  • Название песни: Bugs
  • Исполнитель: Ballout
  • Слушали: 86
  • Опубликовано: 19 декабрь 2019
  • Категория: B / Ballout
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Ballout - Bugs - клип и текст:

MR. 1Take the album
All these motherfuckin' bugs man...
Bug ass niggas man...

Aye ballout, these niggas bugs

All these bugs...
I'ma start shootin' all these bugs...

Fuck with me I'ma shoot yo ass in the face..

Fake ass nigga
Suck ass nigga...

All these bugs, all these bugs...
The hell I'ma do with all these bugs...
Dis nigga a bug...
I'ma start shootin' all these bugs, all these bugs
Fake ass niggas, can't get nothin' from us...
Suck ass nigga, ain't gettin' no love...
All these bugs... NIGGA A BUG

Smokin', leanin' off the drugs, fuck that nigga, I ain't thinkin' about no bug
Have a bitch set a bug nigga up... ("set this bug up for me baby")
Know Ballout from the land where they don't give no fucks
Hit wit Glo Gang nigga, they shootin' shit up
Got 30s, Macks, 50s, all type of stuff
Nigga don't want no beef, these niggas still selling dubs. Broke ass niggas...
Calls (?) and capo to get in yo club, I'm in the club and this nigga bitch wanna give me a hug
I said, nigga wanted a picture, and his sister wanted a hug
I'm thinking like??? ALL THESE BUGS...


All these niggas they bugs, buggin' me
These thots they bugs, these thots wanna smoke up all my drugs
Bitch why you puckering up, girl u know El' Cap don't show no love
Fuck on girl, I ain't giving yo ass no hug
Trynna get some money from me buggin' up, then u get NONE
How you can't understand nuttin', but I know you know where I'm comin from?
Me and Glo Gang niggas we bugs
Not yall type of bugs, we bugs, we shoot shit up
When we shoot shit up its bugs shootin bugs and we take shit up
They like Glo Gang Stop shootin' PLEASE!
And we don't know what you saying, we don't know what you saying, YOUNG GLEESH!


I just bugged out...


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