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  • Название песни: Fuck Da Polititions
  • Исполнитель: Bad Balance
  • Слушали: 112
  • Опубликовано: 19 декабрь 2019
  • Категория: B / Bad Balance
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Bad Balance - Fuck Da Polititions - клип и текст:

Yo, motherfuckers, you know I can't stand ya ^
This rap is about ya, don't ya hear what I'm saying
Here is chill-will from Bad B. From the m.f. street
Talkin' about politicians. Fuck that shit!
My words are not complex, but I know what I know
That's what I got twenty three years ago !...
When I was born!
I saw my won way, that's why now I say l' M
Fuck it. Bullshit
And don't be afraid, I'm not a terrible
Rhyme animal
I'm another fuckin' prisoner in this fuckin' cell
Freeze! Yo! I'm rapper, I ring my bell ^-^ ,
I just hate political fucking motherfuckers (j|j
Those who rule me, government suckers.
Those who keep the power and play their game
Shitty bastards without any shame
He pulled the trigger and said
I know they'll try to shut me
But I don't give a fuck ..
My name is Michey, I rock the microphone
And I know that I'm strong course I'm not along
Sisters, brothers, are you here? /Yes/
Then I've got no fear /Yes/
Don't be stupid, it ain't just a fashion
I do what I do, it's not a profession
It's not a business, it's my soul screaming
How can I resist it, so I'm singing
I don't write the words, they're inside me
I just let them go or they can blind me
This is my message and this is my mission <
I just wanna say
They've got energy to blow up their shitty' minds
But this problem has different sides ...sides
Some just can't understand 'cause they can't
But I don't give a shit, I'm going to the end
This speech is pretty nasty, 'cause the words are disgusting
But you know - it's true, so you've gotta trust me
When I rock the house, when I pump up the beat
When I talk to you about all this bullshi
Politicians get down, m.f. get away ..
I saw some news on TV the other day
Yes, we wicked, we wicked with the fist
Who's out there, m.f. police
Fuck you m.fuckers F I"
Fuck you m.fucking pigs J
With your fucking minds, f.hands, f.hands
With your durty words m.f. politicians
I gotta going on
We gotta get away
I gotta goin' on
We gotta get away
Politicians looking for somebody in jail
O.K. You've never heard this shit shit
It's a brand new fuckin' Russian beat beat
If s the best, 'cause it's different from the West
Special announcement, special request
And this is the point my rhyme is quick
All governments suck dick
In any fucking country, any place, any tim
All they do is a crime
Against me and you, sister and brother
They can collaborate to support each other
They can make agreements and all that shit
They promise and swear, but you know what they need
Money, power and fuckin' glory __
If you don't believe me, you're a dick, I'm sorry I
No more words. I've completed my mission ...
We said what we said - Fuck all you politicians

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